Bally Supersonic 1979

April 26, 2013 in Bally Supersonic Pinball 1979 by Dwight

Bally Supersonic 1979 Pick up and First Transport

The machine wasn’t working when Jesse and I picked it up in Selkirk, Ont @  Milts place in 2009.  Found it in the Classified ads 😉 Really a cool machine from the start.  The manual wasn’t the correct manual it was for a Future Spa Pin, I think they have similar layouts and board layouts.   Spent a lot of time collecting dust in the basement 😉 the main Supersonic MPU had a lot of acid corrosion damage and a few pins are booken, Jesse did a great job trying to fix the damage but we will most likely have to pick up a new Bally Ultimate Alltek MPU we can just set our DIP switches to be in Supersonic MODE.

Replacement / Restored Clear Coated  1979 Pinball Play-field

This original restored Supersonic 1979 playfield has an urethane automotive clear coat on it.  It will not degrade and it will not wear.  It has multiple layers of clear applied on it.  The top layer is the non-gloss clear coat so it would match a non-gloss original looking play-field of the era.  We have the option to clean it or wax it with any automotive clear coat polish/cleaner.

Special thanks to Brian @ HSA Pinball Chicago, IL

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Restoration Day 1