Taito Space Chaser 1978 Cocktail

April 22, 2013 in Space Chaser 1978 Cocktail by Dwight

Taito Space Chaser 1978 Cocktail (MAME project)

Taito Space Chaser 1978 cocktail, PCB dead, monitor was a Toei 14″ showed up dead, but we re-built it from the ground up.  Jesse and I learned many things from the last cocktail project.  First a LCD monitor was used it was a Ben Q it was horrible from other angles so we swapped it for a HP LCD once we removed the bezel it was also a Ben Q model, this model worked perfectly from all angles. Added new controllers and a 12 button layout 6 on player 1 and 6 on player 2.  Jesse also made a new MDF under carriage for more space.  The LCD monitor hole was created for a 16:9 monitor so some modifications had to be done to the lid of the cocktail.  Jesse re-mapped a keyboad matrix and remapped the key’s to work with our Mame Cocktail setup.   Also made 4 adminstration buttons.   

Currently being Restored/Completed